Asad Abdi, Co-Executive Director

        Asad was born in Ethiopia and came to Greeley in 2008 where he was involved in mediating the dispute between workers and JBS. After mediating this dispute Asad saw that there was a real need for an organization to serve refugees and the Greeley community; he and four refugee community members founded the Global Refugee Center in 2008. As Co-Executive Director, Asad oversees all programs offered by the GRC and represents GRC to the larger community.

Colette West, Co-Executive Director

Colette began her involvement at the GRC in 2009 as an ESL and Citizenship teacher. With time, she began to truly understand the needs of the refugee community and her involvement in the center grew. As Co-Executive Director, Colette oversees all programs at the GRC and facilitates all community outreach activities.    

David Flatt, Program Coordinator

David Flatt started working at the GRC in 2014. As Program Coordinator, David manages the EBCO Self-Help Grant and ensures compliance with grant regulations.  David searches for new funding opportunities, conducts fundraising, writes grant applications, and maintains documents.  David also oversees publicity about the GRC including updating the website, newsletter, and other forms of electronic communications for the GRC.