Join the Global Refugee Center and the Refugee Collaboration Forum for "A Walk in Their Shoes," a unique refugee simulation event.  "A Walk in Their Shoes" is designed to simulate common situations refugees must go through such as escaping their homes, finding temporary shelter and crossing the border.  While it is impossible to generalize the experience of refugees into one “refugee experience,” this simulation event provides a valuable foundation to begin to understand the complex challenges refugees have faced in their home countries and in resettlement in the United States. 

These sessions will be interactive and will require attendees to actively engage with the experiences of refugees.  The simulation will also require that you use your imagination, deal with emotions of frustration and confusion, and will at times place you in uncomfortable situations.  The experiences you face in “A Walk in Their Shoes”, while at times challenging, will be incredibly eye-opening and will allow you to be exposed to powerful emotions in a very personal and enduring manner.